Individual Services

When you need a CPA, whether it’s at tax time or during the year, you want to make sure you have a trusted financial partner by your side ready when you need them. Bill Katt, CPA, S.C. provides a variety of individual services to accommodate your needs.

Bill Katt, CPA, S.C. will make house calls for your convenience.

Our services include:

  • Tax Planning and Preparation

Everyone has to file and pay taxes. Tax laws change year to year and so do household situations. Be prepared for your next tax year and don’t be surprised by current and future changes.

  • Budget Planning

By planning a realistic budget you will be able to better track of your income and expenses, and make better decisions to keep you on track to your financial goal.

  • Tax Audits

Having a CPA on your side can help reduce additional amounts owed or potential levies of personal property. Many customers say having a partner during an audit is a stress reliever since they don’t personally have to deal with the agent handling the audit.

  • Bookkeeping Services

With individual bookkeeping services we can assist you in managing your monthly expenses, keep expenses in line with your budget, and assist you with maintaining timely payments.